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Dec 9, 2013 10:00am EST
develop a basket of diversification for them in case this environment does arise. as i said, over half of our managers think low for longer. next year may be a boring year as far as where weights are and where the stock market goes. most importantly, people have to get invested. you cannot sit on the sidelines. while there is all this uncertainty, there are $10 trillion sitting in bank accounts earning nothing. you can invest in the future. we want to get people into the market and a much more diversified basket than just stocks and bonds. for longer,say low is that a call for the economy or on the market or will they both move in lockstep? >> it is both. growth is going too slow for a longer. of time. we think that the fed will keep monetary policy easy. short-term rates will remain where they are. long-term rates will budge up a bit. the stock market -- the peas are pretty high. we can squeeze a lot of juice out of that. we want to be a bit cautious for the longer-term right now. we want to make sure the people are using this diversification and understand the correlation may wo
Dec 6, 2013 10:00am EST
environment, even harder. >> hang on. clearly, cerberus has some obligations to investors like callister's. and it has many other partners who are counting on cerberus to generate an adequate return on its investments. but if it comes out and said, we are going to sell this thing, it sounds as though they are going to get rid of it, which is to say not necessarily selling it at the best price. have a simply not been able to find a buyer at any price? or are they trying to maximize the return and get out of this? which to me, in the scam and the environment, might make it a bit of a tough sale. it a bit ofght make a tough sale in this environment. >> you hit the head on the nail. i have lots of investors. they are trying to do the right thing, which is to liquidate the company, but they have to do it for the right price and find the right buyer. they have found some people very interested in the company. but in this industry, this is a fairly big company. tois not an easy company liquidate. >> what if they cannot sell? will you pull out your money? >> cerberus, i think they will be able to
Dec 5, 2013 10:00am EST
? >> that is the perception i think. we are in a more normal private equity environment right now. i don't think it is slow, i wish it was busier. i think for it to get busier, we will need to see a large m&a cycle happen. we are seeing a lot less of that. we are buying more assets that each other own and selling stuff to each other. i would like to see more corporate m&a so we can see primary buyout activity. >> is it tough for you to buy businesses? if i was a company, i would not feel great about selling. >> i'm not sure. we are not clairvoyant. we are not smaller than anyone else. you are successful, though. >> we have been doing it for the last few years that we have been businesses that are not getting the attention they need and we intervene to find value than the previous owner cannot do. >> why aren't things like they were back in 2006, 2007? market conditions are awfully similar. open debtvery wide market, permissive terms for loans. it should add up to more than it is. >> there was a moment in time or the debt markets were exploding in terms of volume. importantly, the banks wer
Dec 10, 2013 10:00am EST
regulatory environment that the banks are operating under as the economy improves. will that situation be better for banks as they attempt to figure out the rules of the road? >> absolutely it will be better for banks when the economy improves, but remember that part of that improvement will be an increase in interest rates. >> how do they hedge this risk going forward? that will be a crucial problem is the federal reserve begins to taper. as the economy improves, they will be competing with other obstacles, hedging the improving economy based on their portfolio that they have now. >> cast your eyes into the future. we are being told that the volker rule will not be enforced for another year. the president announced it back in january of 2010 and banks have been responding since then, suspending their prop trading desks. in 2015 how different are things going to be from the way they 2009?n >> first and foremost, metrics will matter. that is the only way that regulators are going to be able to distinguish prop trading from market making to tying hedging to specific and identif
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4